Intel C++ and OpenMP Experiment Notes

From  Sept 2006:

The Problem

I have some legacy software in need of performance improvement. The software is single thread, single process. How effective are OpenMP and Intel C++ on the pathway to improvement?

I have the Intel C++ compiler (icc) available, which supports OpenMP along with some other auto parallelize features, and a four processor Xeon box to experiment on.

Now, I’m experianced enough not to expect a silver bullet fired out of my C++ compiler will kill the performance monster. On the other hand, there is some interest in finding out how hard it will be to refactor this software into a form that benefits from an SMP platform. If nothing else, shaking out the makefile to support an alternative compiler to the GCC 3.4.4 will make for a stronger build process. And, in looking over some discussion threads regarding the Intel compiler and this particular feature I see that icc will report on the loops in the code that are deemed safe for parallelization and will tell me something about why the other loops are not safe for the speed treatment.


So far I am still getting GCC to compile the code base cleanly.


The work was fun and seemed to be helpful in digging into the code, but eventually the client decided other issues, like clearly stating the problem were more relevant to success than doubling the speed of the code. And I could not agree more.

Hello World

My pro-to-social  blog. Here is where I will write up items relevant to my professional persona; perhaps some insight on development, or an interesting physics commentary. Anything that reflects on my professional thoughts or interests.

Building the site


I am working with Jeff Jouppi on design, and Walter Punsapi is my go to guy for HTML/CSS genius.


  • Automate backup – WordPress files and db content
  • Move content from over (not much there really)
  • Check old linux machine for anything else worth saving – find out how much electricity it was using
  • Get the Portfolio Navigation worked out
  • Tighten up the design aspects
  • Fill out the portfolio list
  • Bonus – HTML5 version of Inverted Pendulum
  • Should probably have used a

Automate Backup

What WordPress tools are available? We need both the DB and the WordPress directory – and anything like Apache config.

Trying Backup Scheduler plugin. Seems to have a zip format my mac does not get. .cpgz I think. Ok, unzip from the cmd line works fine if one cats the files and zip -FF the result. Or, adjust the backup settings so that the backup will fit in a single file.

Longer term, I think I want git or svn available for changes. But for now I am pretty happy with Backup Scheduler.

Move content from

Certainly I have backups and so on, but it is so long ago that I’ve updated some of the content it is not committed to near term memory. Therefore, I’ll look over the site and move what suites me, especially any artwork that I might like to reuse.

I have more links and files and images than I realized. The Inverted Pendulum page particularly.

What about the Fish – which page is that on?

Look at – I have listing turned on so I can see a number of projects that never made my portfolio.

I might have to go in and over this stuff file by file.

Additional Notes

I like the -> next and <- previous navigation for the blog posts. I’d like something similar for the portfolio.

The site is based on WordPress.

Other examples to look at:

Fix the menu for Portfolio – done

Now – I think I want a tag for portfolio, and all posts that are portfolio posts to appear under that tag. And, posts that have that tag need the next/prev links to point to the next portfolio post. See