Andrew Kaluzniacki

I have 30 years of experience designing, implementing, and shipping commercial software. I am proficient in all aspects of software creation from client requirements gathering to object modeling, UI design, implementation, testing and deployment. I thrive on challenge and enjoy finding good solutions to seemingly impossible problems by translating client ideas into smooth, concise and robust software. My Caltech physics degree has proven invaluable in designing correct and efficient software. I’m experienced in UNIX/Linux, Win95/NT/XP, MacOS/X environments and have worked with a plethora of languages and development tools.


Systems and Technology Research 2012-Present

BAE Systems (formerly Alphatech) 2004-2012
Lead Software Engineer overseeing the integration of SIAP software into USAF weapon platforms. Designed efficient, multi-threaded middle wear using ACE to interface between Model Driven Architecture xUML generated code and legacy C++ code. Evaluated custom xUML multi-threaded multi-process xUML compiler. Designed and implemented aircraft simulation in IBuild an HLA/RTI federate. Interfaced XPlane simulation with IBuild. Member of proposal team winning $23M contract supporting Air Force SIAP work. Kenndy Carter iUML custom compiler assesment for multi threaded and multi process project.

Consulting 2003/’04 – Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
Forensic software review of more than a dozen applications in C, C++ and LISP. Provided attorneys with relevant details of reviewed software with respect to claimed patent infringement. Explained relevant physics of device.

Consulting 2002/’03 – Meaningful Machines
Created network sockets interface to legacy applications in MFC, C++ and Java. Use of Unicode for multilingual database integration. Software review and research.

Consulting 2002 – Phoenix Law Office
Provided expert knowledge of proper scientific methods to review lab results and aide in understanding GCMS forensic techniques to successfully bar poorly done lab work from trial. Provide review of physics with respect to accident reconstruction.

Embrace 2002(1/02 – 5/04)
Director of Software Development -Responsible for all technology both soft and hard.
Responsibilities include architecture and implementation of web applications, using GPS, UML, Linux, Apache, Tomcat, JSP, C, RPC, XML, Java, Dialogic Telephony, Text to Speech .

Razorfish 1999 (4/99 – 4/01)
Senior Technologist /Software Architect/Technical Team Lead — responsible for architecture and implementation of server side web applications. UML, XML, SQL, Java, Weblogic, iPlanet, Oracle 8i, JSP. Served as on site Technical Liaison for a project with Eurotel in Prague, CZ.

Viewpoint DataLabs 1997(8/97-11/98) (Viewpoint was acquired by Computer Associates)
LiveArt 1.0 engineer. Responsible for 3rd party API design and integration of LiveArt 3D rendering engine. Client point of contact for technical issues. All work was C/C++ and OpenGL based.

ThinkFish – Lead Programmer Flying Saucer (6/96 – 8/97) Managed team of 8 engineers to implement Win95/DirectX/DirectDraw/Direct3D real time flying saucer flight sim/arcade style game – Principal Architect Flying Saucer (11/95 – 6/96) Foundation of the game including game scripting engine and object behavior AI. Published by Software2000 Feb 98. All work was C++ and Direct3D based.

ASK Consulting, formed in 1990. Available to design, implement, and debug software applications. Previous projects include:
• Consultant to Convivial Design – San Francisco, California regarding multimedia software design strategy. Reviewed mTropolis authoring software from mFactory and implemented a custom extension to mTropolis . (05/95-07/95)

• Developed GTV Planetary Manager for LucasArts and National Geographic Society, a multimedia educational software application on Macintosh written from the ground up in THINK C using TCL 1.3; work included custom Laserdisc drivers and graphical user interface design for interactive video editing. (07/91-02/92)

• Software consultant for LucasFilm Learning – San Rafael, California.
Development of multimedia educational project Paul ParkRanger ; responsible for software specifications on Macintosh and IBM. Writing of software and specifications of videodisc driver. Review of specific software authoring packages to determine their quality and efficacy in implementation of the project. (06/91-07/91)

• Consultant for Accolade, San Jose, California; design and implementation of audio development system for Sega Genesis; work in C, 68000, Z-80 and circuit analysis (Winter 1990).

pf.magic – San Francisco, California.
Senior software designer; developed original software for Max Magic an interactive CD-i “edutainment” product. Invented custom data compression algorithm. Designed and implemented custom Macintosh animation and production applications for the artists. Physics and Mathematica consultant for Pataank a 3DO arcade product. (Jun. 1992-Jun. 1994).

Infocom – Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Software consultant on a proprietary interpreter; debugging the IBM PC version working in C. (Summer 1987).

Los Alamos National Laboratory – Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Student researcher in Theoretical Physics Division. Software and hardware development for cellular automata fluid flow simulation. Cray X-MP assembly programming, FORTRAN optimization. (Summer 1986).

Infocom – Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Product Engineer working in micro computer group. Developed and maintained production versions of Apple II software and other 6502 platforms. Member of design group for proprietary graphics language. Designed custom disk drivers in assembly; increasing data capacity 16%. Designed and developed in-house software tools (1984-1985).

Sirius Software – Sacramento, California.
Co-author of Repton, award winning, arcade style video game (1982-1983).


California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, California
B.S. Physics, 1989 (Physics, Electrical Engineering., Optics, Math).
T.A. Undergraduate Physics.
Physics Instructor in Summer Student Science Program (1988).

University of California Santa Cruz
Graduate student and research assistant in physics (Santa Cruz Institute of Particle Physics, 1989). Original research on silicon strip detectors in high radiation environment including design and development of detector with testing at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


Measurement of proton induced radiation damage to CMOS transistors and pin diodes – principal author Baciagalupi, J LA-UR-90-16, Jan 1990.

Test of radiation-hardness of CMOS test structures in neutron and proton beams -principal author Sadrozinski, H F W


Association for Computing Machinery, IEEE, OMG


Languages: C, Objective-C, C++, Java, Mathematica, OpenGL
Lesser Languages: FORTRAN, LISP, various assembler, SQL
Tools: Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, gmake, cvs, svn, OS X, Windows, Solaris, Linux Redhat Enterprise, SELinux, Kennedy Carter, XCode


I provide technical advice to Quake Trap, an SF based recording studio. I compete in amateur Olympic Weightlifting and placed 6th at the 2003 US National Masters. I have been a private pilot – license not current. I enjoy amateur photography and visual arts. I have been a jury foreman.

References Available on Request