Detection of realtime noteworthy Twitter information in your areas of interest.

My team has been working on a project aimed at extracting realtime, anomalous, relevant information from the Twitter public feed. Part of our engagement is to investigate commercial applications of the technology we develop and to that end we are going through some early alpha tests of a UI for the technology. The technology works, and in many cases seems to beat both local and national media to items of emerging interest; it also sometimes generates false positives. My focus is creating a compelling user product and experience with this technology and I could use some feedback to help direct my efforts. I am asking for a few friends to take an early look and provide any feedback they care to give, especially on the potential value of the product to your daily routine. My team will be iterating on the feedback as quickly as we are able, so initially I’ll just be taking groups of ten or so and seeing how it goes until I can get out a next revision. If you have any interest in participating in one of the early groups please let me know and I will send the full page description of what we have built and put you on the list for one of the test groups. The standard alpha tester caveats apply.

Also any direct connection to a reporter I could talk to at the Bloomberg Speed Desk would be appreciated.

Thanks! – Contact via LinkedIn please.


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