Wipe Nokia 3650

I wanted to recycle my Nokia 3650, but not to give up the memory card with any info. Turns out the Macbook Air has a slot. Let’s see what happens.

Using the System Information App - I get
 Built in SD Card Reader:
Vendor ID:    0x05ac
 Product ID:    0x8404
 Revision:    2.00
 Serial Number:    310
SDSC Card:
Capacity:    16.1 MB (16,089,088 bytes)
 Removable Media:    Yes
 BSD Name:    disk1
 Partition Map Type:    MBR (Master Boot Record)
 S.M.A.R.T. status:    Not Supported
 Available:    10.1 MB (10,133,504 bytes)
 Capacity:    16 MB (16,039,936 bytes)
 Writable:    Yes
 File System:    MS-DOS FAT12
 BSD Name:    disk1s1
 Mount Point:    /Volumes/NO NAME
 Content:    DOS_FAT_12

Lets get a dd of what was there.

dd if=/dev/disk1 of=nokiasdcard.dd

That worked to get a mountable version, and then I wiped the card using Disk Utility.
In the end my son wanted the retro phone, no doubt to show his friends the ancient technology.

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