Repton splash screen for C-64 version.

Repton was my first large program and commercial success. The idea came from my best friend Dan Thompson who was working then at Sirius Software and busy finishing up another game, so he invited me to do the programming for Repton.

I did the most of the programming work on the Apple II version in 1982, sharing in the game and graphics design with Dan. The software was about 10,000 lines of ASM written with the amazing Merlin Assembler. A full print out took about 6 hours on an Epson-100MX. I’d start it in the morning, go to school and hope when I came home hope there had been no paper jam.

Dan and I did Apple II, Atari 400/800, and Commodore 64 versions. All being 6502 based they shared quite a bit of the code.

We sold something like 40,000 copies total.

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